how i met my honey...

Barb, at A Chelsea Morning, is asking how people met their spouses. Since I've been in a blogging funk lately, I thought this might help pull me out. So, for your reading enjoyment, here's my story...

In the fall of 2000 my family up and moved from Southern California to Vermont. I was 20 years old at the time.

Upon moving to the Green Mountain State I found myself leading worship for the youth group at our church. (Still not sure how that one happened since I do not play an instrument, but never the less, I did it).

One Sunday morning, after the youth service was over, a very good looking face caught my attention. I quickly averted my eyes thinking it was just one of the students. I went about my business and did not think another thought about that handsome face cause that would have just been wrong.

Several days later my younger brother Andy, who was 14 at the time, began pestering me about meeting some guy named Jon. Jon could play the drums on the youth worship team, he would say. Jon's from Southern California too, he would say. And, I think you're gonna marry him, he would say.

Since this was my 14 year old brother talking I, of course, ignored him. I just figured my brother had found a hero to worship and wanted everyone to do the same.

For weeks Andy continued to tell me that I should marry this guy and why wouldn't I just meet him already?!?

And still, I ignored him. I was not interested in having a boyfriend, I was not interested in getting married and I was not interested in being set up by my 14 year old brother. (Have I mentioned that yet?)

Well, then the magic happened. (Gods' kind of magic).

About a month or so later I was helping to chaperone a youth event. At the start of the night Andy came running up to me and said, "Jon is here, you have to meet him. I'll go find him."

Trying to hide from Andy and his suitor, I introduced myself into a conversation that my other brother, Gabe, was having with someone named Jonathan.

Hmm, I thought, Jonathan looks strangely familiar...

Halfway through that thought Andy comes running up, "Oh, you've met him already?!"

Yep, you guessed it. Jonathan was Jon. Andy's Jon. The Jon that Andy had been raving about for a month now. The Jon that my 14 year old brother had been trying to set me up with.

Jonathan was also the good looking face from the back of the youth room that I had seen months earlier. Turns out that face didn't belong to a student after all.

And folks, can I just say... I was smitten. Right on the spot, I was head over heels infatuated with that man.

I don't believe in love at first sight, but I knew at that moment Andy had been right all along. I was going to marry that man.

And, four years later I did just that.

my superhero husband

I have sung his praises on here before, and much to the chagrin of those that dislike the mushy stuff (my husband among them), I must sing this little tune once more. I have the greatest husband alive!

Really, I do.

I was having a bad day yesterday. I'm talking PMS bad. No, I am talking PMS, uncooperative hair, largest cold sore known to man (seriously, it is HUGE), work day from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks, mountains of laundry to conquer, massive sinus headache, a thousand things still to do before leaving the country for 2 weeks bad.

IT. WAS. BAD. (Are you getting the picture yet?)

And I was grumpy. Very grumpy. By the time I picked my husband up after work I was in tears. Actually, that too is an understatement. I was in the middle of a mini-melt down thanks to my dog who was barking insanely at every living soul who walked by the car. Just made things all the more dramatic, and I love drama, right mom?!

Anyway, I digress.

My sweet husband gets in the car, takes one look at me and says, very matter-of-factly, "This is what we are going to do..." He then begins to address every stressful thing that was running through my head. Here's the superhero part... he just knew what was wrong without having to ask. He fixed all the problems in matter of minutes, like he was Marry Poppins with a magic carpet bag.

He relieved me of my plans to make a nice, well thought-out meal.
He finished the last few loads of laundry for me.
He vacuumed the entire house.
He took out the trash.
He cleaned the BATHROOM! (His least favorite chore)

All the while, I took my time preparing a very simple salad for dinner. Yes, feeling slightly guilty, but he would not let me help do anything else. He knew what I need and he blessed me immensely by selflessly giving me the night off. That puts him firmly in the hero category for me.

(I won't mention that his ulterior motive was most likely getting the house cleaned quickly so he could watch 24 all night. If I had done the cleaning there wouldn't have been time for such trivialities. But like I said, I won't mention such things).


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