The Overflow, pt. 2

This week I have found beauty in big and small things alike, and once again this heart is filled with gratitude...

8) simple treasures passed down from a loving heart
9) ordinary moments that make my heart soar

10) friends who speak boldly into my life

11) shadows that produce stronger faith

13) peals of laughter

14) chocolate :)

The Overflow

Thankfulness, from a heart that overflows...

1) for sun that warms, even on a cold day

2) for a chatty boy who cheers me during the cheerless chores of the day

3) for quiet moments submerged in holy conversation

4) for progress, no matter how insignificant

5) for snuggles under warm covers with husband, boy and dog... a pile of pure joy

6) for souls to walk this journey with, whom inspire and encourage along the way

7) for my love, who faithfully and graciously does the dinner dishes

You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
Psalm 23:5

Bread of Life

"... he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul..."
Psalm 23: 3

Here is where I have lived the last six months; inhaling every last bit of life, promise, hope, comfort from His words.

O Lord, that you would speak and I would listen. That I would know your heart for me. Your unending mercies that are new every morning. (The joy that brings! New mercies every morning!) Your faithfulness to see me though all of life's circumstances. Your promise to finish what you began in me. How humbled I am by your kind generosity.


My mom recently shared a story with me that has shifted my perspective about loving well. The story is simple and goes like this:
For years Mom would grumble and complain every time she had to clean Dad's discarded whiskers from the bathroom vanity. In anger Mom would ask Dad, "Please remember to do it yourself next time!" In frustration, the next day, Mom would once again clean up those whiskers.

One day as Mom was wiping at the counter, contempt-filled thoughts flowing, the Holy Spirit opened up her eyes and shifted her perspective. In a whisper the Spirit asked, "What will you do when he's gone?"

The realization of not having whiskers to clean up in the future was too much for her to bear. Mom immediately sought forgiveness and now gratefully, and with much joy, sweeps up Dad's precious whiskers every morning.
It's easy to love with feeling and emotion. It is hard to love with practical reason and mundane tasks. We are called, as lovers and Christ followers, to love completely, unconditionally.

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