Have you ever found yourself without words? Without a way to express what it is your soul is trying to say?

Have you ever found yourself feeling something that you are unable to explain. Or make sense of. Or understand.

Have you ever found yourself speechless, yet wanting- no needing-- no yearning to be heard?

Have you ever found yourself sitting up, late at night, trying to figure out why your heart is beating so fast, and why your skin is tingling, and why you feel as though you might just jump right out of your own skin?

Have you ever found yourself needing to let it all out before it oozes right on out of your pores? And yet you have no idea what it might be?

Tonight I found myself struggling to speak, to be heard, to make sense, to understand.

Tonight, I found that this song said the words my soul was trying to say. And now, I get it.

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