Empty Vessel

So, I am less than a week away from giving up the internet for 40 days. Ugh! In the interest of full disclosure-- I am dreading it! This week I've been paying attention to when I log on to the internet and, well, let's just say it's staggering how much I rely on the World Wide Web.

** Need a recipe? Just jump on to Allrecipes.com and problem solved.

** Weird, unexplainable stomach cramp? Why, WebMD.com has the answer!

** Has the title of a book you read in 5th grade slipped your mind? Good thing Amazon.com knows which one it is.

** Looking for the latest theory on your favorite TV show? Well, take your pick.

Um, yeah, I need a break.


I want things to be different in my life and I feel as though I have lost a certain intimacy I once had with Him. That is what this season is all about for me. Not just a fast, which feels so… oh, I don’t know… obligatory. Rather I want this to be an offering. An act of worship. An empty vessel. (Yes, I know that’s what a fast is, but it’s all about how the wording plays out in my head.)

Please know that I am not telling you about this to make myself look good to you. I have mentioned it for 3 reason’s; 1) I want you to know where I’ve gone when I disappear for a while; 2) Maybe, maybe, I will inspire someone else in my journey; 3) Accountability.

I know that several have asked me to journal during this time and I am still thinking about it. Sunday's are not counted in the 40 days of fasting, they are seen as a celebratory time. So, I might post an update or two on a Sunday. I'll wait and see how it feels.

Either way, I will journal as I go, and when the time is over I will share with you what I can. (As a side note-- I will still be checking/sending email as that was not a part of what I am "offering" up. I can check it without logging on and email is a vital source of communication in our household.)

Is anyone else out there making an offering for Lent?

(Oh by the way, Lent starts next Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, and goes until Easter.)

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