Rest and Restoration

by your still waters i rest
trusting in your faithfulness.
for your name you will make me whole;
you lift me above the pain
to the rock that is higher than i.

you are good.
you are good.
you are good.

your compassion is never ending,
you mercy overflows;
your love is bigger than the sorrow.
healing is poured over my soul
as you sing over me.

i can hear your song.
i can feel your gaze.
i am not alone on this road;
your foot falls next to mine on this journey.

hope is a declaration;
my hope is in you.
i declare your faithfulness.
i declare your glory.
i declare your goodness.

you are good.


One Response to “Rest and Restoration”
  1. Nancy says:

    oh so beautiful & feeling the healing in the words.
    God is Good!

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